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What’s the deal with sizes?!

Last week a customer emailed us alarmed that we had used a model who appeared to be dangerously slim in some product photos.

Little did our correspondent know, I had been locked away that very day shooting photos of newly arrived styles.....on an average-sized mannequin.

In truth, I agreed with her. I have never understood the unhealthy obsession high fashion has with using models who don’t really represent the people the clothes are made for.

This topic is something Alex and I have discussed many times. It’s influencing the choices we make in the labels we stock and in the way we present garments that we have to photograph in-house.

We have made a pact between ourselves and a vow to you that we will, whenever we can use a mannequin that is average-sized. 

We will also use models who best represent the wide and varied women who shop with us too.

There will be many times where we use product photos supplied to us by labels. While we can’t control the size of the model they choose to use, we can control the ones we do. And we will.

There will also be times where we are unable to photograph garments using our most-appropriately-representative-of-the-average-sized  mannie.  Sometimes garment sizing will mean we need to use a smaller mannie for product pics.

Anne Klein once said, “clothes aren’t going to change the world, women are”. We are the women selling clothes to the women who will help change the world with us.

Wishing you love, luck & laughter,

Aimee x

PS - 14 to 16 is the average size of women in Australia.

PPS - for anyone out there wondering..... YES! I have named the mannies! Our beautiful curvy broad is named Bess, and our petite, but equally lovely lady is Kylie.

PPPS - interested in modelling for us? Send me an email!

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