Bamboo Body – Linen

The creators of Bamboo Body, sisters Amanda and Elouise, were inspired when they first felt bamboo fabric. They were amazed by the fabric’s soft feel and beautiful drape, and the fact that it was made from a natural, highly sustainable resource. This inspiration led Amanda and Elouise on a journey of discovery to find out everything they could about bamboo fabric, the bamboo plant, and the plight of the textile industry. The more Elouise and Amanda researched bamboo, they more they fell in love with the fabric and the plant. 

With the philosophy of LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, DO GOOD, Bamboo Body was born in 2005. “We wanted people to wear Bamboo Body clothing not only because it is sustainable, but because the clothing is classically designed, flattering and beautiful. “We also wanted our pieces to be versatile, keeping you comfortable and in style no matter what you are doing throughout your busy day”- Amanda


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