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Pol Clothing

With plenty of styles made in Australia, seasonal collections are designed with a sense of timelessness that prioritises effortless style over trends. Beautiful and innovative knitwear continues to be at the core of each collection, complemented by a refined selection of fashion and basics in luxurious fabrics.


Spring 2021 Collection - Artisan


The Spring 2021 Collection has hit Weekends. Keep an eye out, there is much more to come. 


Artisan is inspired by the skill, technique and artistry that goes into the creative process. Unexpected textures, considered detailing and a tonal colour palette merge to celebrate the imperfect perfectness of design.

Starting off the season with a navy base, mist tones are mixed back with neutrals and a pop of orange. Fabrics are natural and textured, from fine viscose knitwear to the stunning delicate Charm print on a sheer ramie base.

Why We Chose Pol Clothing:

When looking for labels for weekends we often place emphasis on the fabric feel as well as the patterns and designs. Pol clothing has the most amazing fabrics. You will often find features such as polished cotton, adding just that little bit extra refinement to an already gorgeous piece.


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