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White Golden Wattle Scarf AGCS1015 by Australiana Gifts Co


This beautifully illustrated Wattles (also known as Acacias) is arguably one of the most well known Australian plants, printed on this cotton scarf could be proudly worn from day to day. The wattle flower has a strong fragrance and unique dense, globular/cylindrical cluster of petals. 

Did you know, several wattle plants are naturally cross-pollinated by honeyeater and thornbill birds? They brush against wattle flowers when searching for sweet, tasty nectar and transfer pollen between them! Wattles are so beloved that there is even a national day celebrating them on September 1st each year. Acacia wattles are highly versatile. The seeds have been used in Indigenous Bush Food for many years; the wood for tools and parts of the flower can even make a tea.

Get this beautiful Golden Wattle scarf is highlighted against a white cotton scarf, which makes the floral print stands out and it compliments any outfit. This beautiful Australian native floral Golden Wattle cotton scarf makes a perfect Australian gift for someone local or abroad, presented in an envelope that includes some facts about Waratah that the receiver will enjoy reading to learn more.

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Material: 100% Cotton

Measurement: 75 x 180cm