Fast Fashion is More Expensive than you Think

Fast Fashion is More Expensive than you Think

As Shein lands in Perth this week, and with reports that only 3% of fashion sold in Australia is actually made here, we decided to take a closer look at what we offer.  We've always focused on supporting home grown fashion, choosing labels that are designed in Australia, made in Australia or owned by Australians. We are also aware of  the travel miles some international labels traverse before making their way to our wardrobe so you’ll see a lot of labels that are designed and made in their country of origin.  We’re really proud of our choices to support Australian and New Zealand fashion labels, sustainable international brands and focus on cost per wear. We were pleasantly surprised to find that 55% of brands we stock are Australian designed, Australian made or Australian owned.  Sometimes all 3! Another 10% is designed, manufactured or owned by New Zealanders, supporting the fashion industry of our friends across the ditch.

What is cost per wear exactly?  We’re glad you asked. 
Say you have a shirt that you purchased from from a fast fashion store.  You know that when you’re paying $60 for a top you’ll be happy that it makes it safely through the wash a couple of times. The sad truth is the majority of fast fashion is worn just 5-10 times before its discarded. So the shirt that cost you $60 to buy has a cost per wear of somewhere around $6-12. Ouch.

Choosing quality over quantity saves you money.
Aimee is very well known for her love of Mela Purdie and there are many reasons why.  For starters the brand is designed in Australia, made in Australia and is wholly Australian owned.  There is also the quality of the fabrics used and the fabrication.  The quality assurance is top notch too.  You’ll often see her in a V Stretch Plaza top.  They are priced at $209, but their cost per wear is significantly lower than the $60 top.  When you invest in a quality product it will last.  The V Stretch Plaza is on high rotation in Aimee’s wardrobe.  She’s had some for as long as our doors at Mt Lawley have been open.  They have not faded. They are not misshapen. They are as good today as they were when they arrived from Mela Purdie.  The first tops have lasted 4 years and are still going strong.  The cost per wear over 4 years wearing one of these tops a couple of times a month is around $1.50 which is peanuts in comparison to the “cheap” $60 top. 

A sustainable wardrobe saves you money and helps out mother earth.
Cost per wear isn’t just about having a wardrobe that will last season to season. It’s also about fostering a sustainable fashion market.  We’re all a lot more savvy about our environmental footprint these days and try to make the best choice where we can.  When you’re buying a quality garment it will last years in your wardrobe, not head to landfill, you’re being part of the solution.

Sustainability isn't just about the fashion you buy, its also about supporting small local business. 
We know many of you appreciate quality fashion, but it's tough out there for small boutiques like ours who focus on quality over quantity. Sadly, more and more small boutiques are closing their doors. So, the next time someone shows off a cheap find, maybe suggest they think about the cost per wear, environmental impact and supporting small, quality Australian boutiques, labels, and designers. It makes a real difference.  

How can we help you make a difference? 
Visit us in store for a styling session.  Its free to do and there is no obligation to buy.  Our experienced team will help you put together a wardrobe that will not only stand the test of time, but also help you move through the seasons and dressed for almost any event.  If you want to work around the staple pieces you already own bring them in too!  Helping you create a sustainable long-living wardrobe starts with what you already have.

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