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      Weekends Welcomes CAKE to its stable of fabulous Australian owned labels. 

      The cotton patterns are just a little quirky, and superbly light weight for summer dresses and tops.

      The linens have great depth of colour and are easy to wear.


      Born of freedom, colour, movement and kindness, CAKE creates clothes that tell a story. These stories belong to the beautiful, talented, and intricate hands that helped shape them, and they are woven into every piece. Every garment represents a journey. The journey we have been on to bring it to you and of course, your own journey each time you wear it. Each piece of CAKE clothing is a loving collaboration between the imagination, beauty and eclectic nature of our own designs and the colour and energy of India.

      Our clothes reawaken the soul, release your inner-gypsy and bring a sophisticated bohemian beauty to your wardrobe. They are clothes for wearing and wandering; for finding adventure or stillness in. They are not just gorgeous pieces created in natural materials that allow you to feel freedom of movement; they are stunning, eclectic, and ethically made looks designed to make you feel beautiful, worldly, and vibrant.