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Navy Banksia Flower Scarf AGCS1004 by Australiana Gifts Co


Our beautiful range of Native Australian Flora and Fauna cotton scarves are designed in Australia. This beautiful banksia flower is highlighted against a navy cotton scarf, which makes the floral print stands out and it compliments any outfit. This scarf comes in a specially designed packaging for easy sending and it makes the perfect gift for that someone special.

Banksia is a native Australian flower that grows on a shrub or tree and can be found both in the wild and in home gardens. They grow in a variety of landscapes across Australia, (excluding dry land) and produce a cone that opens and blooms as a large flower comprised of hundreds (or even thousands) of single spikes. The Banksia flowers are most often yellow, but can also be orange, red or pink. Several Banksia species are rare or endangered.

Did you know?

- Banksia can live up to 100 years in the wild

- Over time, the flower spikes that make up the head of the flower will often change colour, going darker before fading lighter as it dries and ages

- Banksias are an important food source in the bush for possums, birds (especially cockatoos), bats, bees and more