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Beige Waratah Flower Scarf AGCS1008 by Australiana Gifts Co


Our beautiful range of Native Australian Flora and Fauna cotton scarves are designed in Australia. This beautiful waratah flower is highlighted against a beige cotton scarf, which makes the floral print stands out and it compliments any outfit. This scarf comes in a specially designed packaging for easy sending and it makes the perfect gift for that someone special.

Waratahs are a protected species of flowering plant that grow on trees or large shrubs and are native to Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales in Australia. The most well-known flower in the species has densely packed, bright red coloured spirals that curl in a dome at the head.

Did you know?

- The name waratah is taken from the Eora people, the original inhabitants of Sydney. It roughly translates to 'red flowering tree' and is the emblem for New South Wales

- Each waratah bloom is actually several flowers (from 10-250) resulting in a 6-15cm wide flower

- Waratahs are highly resilient to changes in habitat and can regenerate below the ground if there are any disruptions to the soil, such as from fire.