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Kingfisher Card AGCC1016 by Australiana Gifts Co.


Our beautiful designed poster features the trendy water-diving bird, the Kingfisher!
Do you know that Kingfishers are one romantic set of birds? When the male does affectionate court a female Kingfisher, he often takes her on a dinner treat of seafood. Yes, he offers her a fish gift from his hunting. Just as our Kingfisher card makes an excellent Australian card for friends and family or for visiting tourists, and why not keep one as a souvenir for you too!

Our Kingfisher Bird card comes on a while background, this card can be easily framed for a table or wall art. This card will cheer up any receiver; it comes with a sealable envelope. Add a matching scarf, bag, tea towel or poster that makes a great gift to any recipient. This blank card is perfect to add with a gift for any occasion.

Style : AGCC1016

Measurement : 10.7 x 13.9cm

Material : Paper