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Navy Kingfisher Bird Scarf AGCS1010 by Australiana Gifts Co


Our beautiful range of Native Australian Flora and Fauna cotton scarves are designed in Australia. This beautiful kingfisher is highlighted against a navy cotton scarf, which makes the floral print stands out and it compliments any outfit. This scarf comes in a specially designed packaging for easy sending and it makes the perfect gift for that someone special.

In Australia, there are 10 native species of Kingfisher which range in size from 10-45cm in length. The largest is the Kookaburra who is part of the Tree Kingfisher family. Most Kingfishers are brightly coloured and notable for their beautiful blue, green (or sometimes orange) feathers. They can be found all across Australia, but most commonly near the coast where there is water.

Did you know?

- Many Kingfishers are very good divers and great at catching fish, but they do so "blind" with their eyes closed!

- Kingfishers don't "nibble" at their food like other birds, instead, they can eat an entire fish in one quick gulp

- When a male Kingfisher is trying to impress a female Kingfisher, he will often buy her a seafood dinner. Well, not quite, but he will offer her a fish he has caught!