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Pink Bottlebrush Flower Scarf AGCS1003 by Australiana Gifts Co


Our beautiful range of Native Australian Flora and Fauna cotton scarves are designed in Australia. This beautiful pink Bottlebrush flower is highlighted against a white cotton scarf, which makes the floral print stands out and it compliments any outfit. This scarf comes in specially designed packaging for easy sending and it makes the perfect gift for that someone special.

Bottlebrush is the common name given to the native Australian plant "Callistemon", which produces an unmistakable flower that looks like - you guessed it - the bristles of a bottle brush! There are several species that are mostly red and found along the East Coast of Australia. They prefer to grow in moist conditions with lots of watering.

Did you know?

- Although the sap and small berry-like fruits of bottlebrush can cause irritation, and are not safe to eat, much of the nectar can be drunk by humans and tastes subtly sweet and sugary. Think of this as nature's original energy drink.

-The seeds found inside the fruit of a Bottlebrush are often held on the plant for many years before they are released

- Insects and birdlife (especially honeyeaters) love Bottlebrush because of the sweet, plentiful nectar that they drink