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White Gouldian Finch Bird Scarf AGCS1012 by Australiana Gifts Co


Our beautiful range of Native Australian Flora and Fauna cotton scarves are designed in Australia. This beautiful splendid Gouldian finch is highlighted against a white cotton scarf, which makes the floral print stands out and it compliments any outfit. This scarf comes in a specially designed packaging for easy sending and it makes the perfect gift for that someone special.

The Gouldian finch is also known as the rainbow finch. Gouldian finches are Australia's most spectacular coloured grass finches, usually, with a bright green back, yellow belly and a purple breast and the males are brighter in plumage than the females. They inhabit at the edge of mangroves and thickets, and savannahs dotted with trees and nests exclusively in tree hollows.

Did you know?

- They eat up to 35% of their body weight each day

- Gouldian Finch is a thirsty bird that is seldom found far from water and needs to drink several times during the day.

- Harmoniously, both parents share incubating and brooding duties.